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Virkon S (DEFRA approved)

Virkon S (DEFRA approved)

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The ultimate broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant, proven effective against all 18 virus families affecting man and animals.

Virkon S is a broad spectrum disinfectant widely tested against viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores. Virkon S is suitable for use in all animal environments including equine stabling and tack, poultry housing for protection against most avian diseases.

Product Benefits

  • Independently proven effective against viral, bacterial and fungal disease causing organisms.
  • Effective on porous surfaces, in hard water, at low temperatures and in the presence of organic challenge
  • Ideal for livestock housing, surface, equipment, water delivery system and aerial disinfection

Application Instructions

Add contents of sachet or 50g to 5 litres of water to achieve 1:1000 (1%) solution.

Apply using spray equipment at 300ml per square metre.

Allow for a contact time of 10 minutes. Up to 30 minutes may be required when facing low temperatures, soiling, or for applications requiring DEFRA approved dilutions.

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